Our vision is for all students to have the opportunity to communicate, learn, and thrive.


Communication and learning are basic human rights.

Every day, students are going without the therapy they need -- often because qualified professionals are not available. We leverage the acceptance and momentum of technology in classrooms as an effective medium for students to work with a certified speech-language pathologist through video conference.

At TeleTeachers, we are removing barriers of access and creating a community of educators dedicated to helping students achieve their fullest potential. We are committed to improving the lives of students through tech enabled, evidenced-based speech-language therapy as an integral part of special education teams across the country.

We will be successful when no student goes without therapy or an incredible learning experience due to shortage or quality of educators.


“TeleTeachers was founded to improve the lives of children and afford each student opportunities to connect, communicate, learn, dream and achieve.”

—Emily Smith Ed.S. CCC-SLP
Founder & CEO